Sunday, 8 June 2014

Am I Stupid

Am I Stupid!!!!!

Probably I am....

Even though the answer varied a little bit, many of them had the same jist in their reaction...

" You are a stupid guy...",

"I must say, you are emotionally stupid...",  

" Why do you act like this... stupid... "

when I listen these lines about me, I feel I need a reconstruction.. a serious reconstruction of the way I think, the way I behave. I did not know my words, my action meant " I am stupid ". I wonder, sometimes, Is a boy stupid if he stand firmly on the way he believe as right??? I recall words of my chap, " Oh.. man, you are way back in your ideologies... " Yeah.. If people say, sticking to a firm decision is something need to be modified according to "modern" ideology, I am glad that I don't follow that. But, If you repeatedly hear such lines... Okay, then something is wrong with you.. or everybody else are wrong!!!!!!

Oops... the second one is rare... Oh, then, something is wrong with me....  Yeah, I think I am a fool to expect light when every door is shut... But, it is common nature of human beings to expect things to happen. ..( Even when you know, it is almost impossible) .. Am I not a human being to have normal "human" like desires... Why am I an exception!!!

Okay, If you think, expecting good things in the worst situation is "foolish" yeah I am a fool.... sticking tight to my decision is "stupid", yeah I am stupid..

PS: Sorry, if you could not understand the background..